Wanted Vintage Clothing
We are actively sekking to purchase vintage clothing. Before you donate or throw away your
vintage clothing, please call us. From small amounts to entire estate contents of clothing.
Victorian era to the 1970's

Examples of the types of items we'd be interested in:

Mens clothing:
1950s and older casual wear & work wear
Shirts, Jeans, any Denim, Sneakers, T-Shirts, Leathers
Sweaters, Sweatshirts, 1940s and older suits/tuxedos.
Hats & other misc. items/accessories.

Womens clothing:
Any items 1950s and earlier.
Casual dresses, Party dresses, Sleepwear,
Undergarments, Some coats, other misc. items & accessories.
1960s & 1970s Designer or Iconic items.
Above is just an example of the types of items we are
seeking. Please feel free to call us at 860-205-4969
Walter & MJ
Please call us, we are always available and can travel on short notice.
We are fast, professional and courteous and will pay in cash.
Please DO NOT donate or throw anything away before we get a chance to look at it.
We can handle large estates of clothing and can assist/refer with entire estatecontents also.
Please call Walter or MJ at 860-205-4969
email: mjs_closet@yahoo.com